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Intercom for Housing Societies

Pure Intercom expandable up to 1,400 Extensions

PAX 48

Expandable up to 48 Ext.

PAX 48 Wo Background.png

PAX 128

Expandable up to 128 Ext.

PAX 128.png
PAX 208.png

PAX 208

Expandable up to 208 Ext.

.  Inter-Connect maximum 8 systems to expand up to 1,400 Extensions

.  CLI – Calling Line Identification

.  Battery (12V 7AH) can be connected for operation during power failure

.  Vendor Arrival messages

.  Extension can listen to notices recorded by society committee member by

   dialing a code

.  Broadcast or Message Announce

.  Up to 8 Display units for Guard can be connected

.  Conference-8 Party

.  Auto Call Back from Busy Extension

.  Alarm Clock

.  Call Transfer

.  Re-dial

Display for Guard's Extn.

Display for PAX.png
Icon 1 new.png
Icon 1 new.png
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