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Model: IP-500

  • Maximum IP Phones / SLT Phones / WiFi Phones / FXO Ports for CO Lines / PRI Lines / SIP Trunks / GSM Ports / Paging Ports / Door Phone = 500.

  • Call Forward to Mobile / Landline, if call is not answered.

  • Cell Phone can be made an extension

  • Conference – Unlimited (Secured/ Unsecured)

  • IVR (Multilevel Voice Response) – Built-In

  • Video Call & Conferencing

  • Voice Mail – Unlimited. No Licence required.

  • Voice Logger – Unlimited, and Hard Disc dependent. Hard disc of 1 TB comes built-in with PBX, connect more external hard discs to expand space & record more calls.

  • CDR (Call Details Recording) – Built-in

  • Hold Music – User definable

  • Operator Panel – Built-In & can be operated from any Laptop/ PC. The operator can see the status of all extensions, disconnect any ongoing call, make a call on behalf of any extension, even drop any ongoing call, etc.

  • Multi Locations Integration – IP Phones installed at different geographical locations can be integrated. Similarly, IP PBX at different geographical locations can be integrated.

  • Concurrent Calls – Almost unlimited from the practical point of view. It is dependent on available bandwidth. Theoretical limit on concurrent calls through a gigabit Ethernet port would be around 10,500 calls without RTCP, assuming G.711 codecs are used by IP-Phones. In reality, kernel networking layer is the limiting factor due to the packets per second of the RTP media stream.

  • CRM Integration (optional) – Click to Call, POP Up on Incoming & Outgoing Calls, etc

  • Page to VOIP Phone – Built-In

  • Paging gateway (optional) for connecting to a PA Amplifier.

  • Paging Speaker (optional) for direct paging.

  • Door Phone (optional)

IP Phone- Handheld of CCL
Wi-Fi IP Phone CCL
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