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Intrusion Alarm System


8 Wired Zones & 75 Wireless Sensors

Shoots SMS & Voice Call to 6 Users during Intrusion or Low Battery

Programmable by Android/ iOS App, SMS, Keypad

.  Main units connect to wired as well as wireless sensors.

.  Wireless sensors have a range of 100 meters from the main panel. Thereafter, Signal Repeaters can be attached to increase

   the range further more.

.  Built-in GSM & SMS Dialer to dial up to 6 telephone numbers. User can accept voice call & Disarm system by DTMF dialing.

.  Voice Message played during voice call. This message can optionally be customized & recorded by user themselves.

.  SMS received during Battery Low of Sensor or Main Unit. Exact Sensor ID mentioned in SMS.

.  Built-in Rechargeable Battery for 10 hour backup.

.  Built-in Siren with option to connect additional external sirens.
.  Give user defined names to all wired zones & first 8 wireless sensors.

.  SIM Balance can be checked from Keypad, Android / iOS app & SMS.

.  Automatic Arm/ Disarm settings can be done day-wise.

.  Remote Monitoring: User can call the system & initiate 2-way communication.

.  History of last 100 events is stored in the Main Unit.

.  Provision to switch ON electrical lights during intrusion.


Magnetic Contact





For Doors / Windows


Plastic Body


Metal Body

For Shutters

. Detects opening of Doors / Windows / Shutters

. Tamper Protection: System will not ARM if sensor is tampered or door/ window is open.

. In case of wireless :  - Low Battery LED Indication 

                                      - Power Input: 12V DC 

Vibration Detector

VSWRD (Wired) / VSW (Wireless)

. Detects vibration in glass doors / windows

. Sensitivity adjustment using jumpers

. In case of wireless :  - Low Battery LED Indication 

                                      - Power Input: 12V DC 

PIR Motion Detector

PIRWRD (Wired) / PIRW (Wireless)

. Detects movement in an area up to 12 meters distance

. Detecting angle= 99 Degree Wide & 65 Degree Vertical

. Pet Immune

. Power Saving Mode: Set sleep time after first trigger

. In case of wireless :  - Low Battery LED Indication 

                                      - Power Input: 6V DC 

Beam Motion Detector

100 MTR Range

20 MTR Range

. Detects movement that breaks the IR beam running between Transmitter & Receiver unit.

. Water-proof & Weather-proof

. Ideal for large outdoor areas such as driveway, terrace, etc.

. Wired/ Wireless

Both Transmitter & Receiver require Power 12V DC

Smoke / Heat / Gas Detector

Wired / Wireless

. Depending on the Detector type, detects Smoke or Heat (Above 57 Deg C) or Gas (CNG & LPG) in an area

. Sensitivity adjust can be done by rotating Preset

.  LED indication for OK Mode & Alarm Mode

.  Built-in Buzzer that sounds in Alarm Mode

External Sirens

110 dB

120 dB with Flasher

220V AC with Range of 1km/ 2km/ 3km

Signal Repeater

. Increases range of Wireless Sensors beyond 100 meters

. It has built-in Li rechargeable batteries for operation during power failure

. Multiple Signal Repeaters can be cascaded to increase the range further more

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